Internship Requirements

Internships are open to Government majors and minors who have junior or higher standing, at least a 2.5 GPA, completion of 12 credits of Government coursework, and consent of instructor. The course – POLS 410 – may be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits; however, only 3 credits apply toward the Government major or minor.

During the Fall or Spring semesters, students earn one credit hour for every three hour block per week they intern. During Summer session I or II, students earn one credit hour for every eight hour block per week they intern. For more information about internships, check with your faculty advisor or the Government Department head, Dr. Harvey, at

Internships also are available for Government students in either the MA or MPA program. MPA students should check with Dr. Medina for Internships, at

Opportunities in Washington D.C. and locally

Capital Semester Spring and Summer 

Sponsored by The Fund for American Studies, Capital Semester combines substantive internships, 12 academic credits, career development activities, site briefings and lectures led by policy experts. This fast-paced, fifteen-week residential program provides undergraduate students from around the world with opportunities to gain the edge in today’s competitive job market and graduate school admissions, and experience the excitement of Washington first-hand. For more information please refer here.

City of Las Cruces

Overview: MPA students are matched to departments or city council to assist with policy analysis, budgeting, planning, public affairs, citizen participation efforts, and program development.
Contact: Dr. Christina Medina at

Other opportunities come available throughout the year, so check back for new internship openings.

Career Services: How to Search for Internships

The NMSU Career Services Office subscribes to this extensive searchable database of internships around the country. For more information on this and other internship options, check the Internship page of Career Services, at