Dr. Seong C. Kang, Associate Professor

 Seong Kang 



Ph.D., Public Administration and Policy, University of Georgia, 2018

Master of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, 2011

B.A., Political Science, University of Georgia, 2006


Areas of Specialization

Public Administration and Management

Public Policy Analysis

Public Sector Volunteering and Service Coproduction

Law Enforcement / Policing


Research Interests

Dr. Kang received his Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy with a concentration in public management from the University of Georgia. His research focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the public service delivery process. His research examines citizen participation in the delivery of public services through initiatives such as volunteering and coproduction and how this improves organizational performance and accountability. His work appears in journals such as Administration & Society, Public Administration, Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, Public Performance & Management Review, and Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. Dr. Kang has prior experiencing working at the Korea Institute of Public Administration. He has also served as an enlisted soldier in the Republic of Korea Army from 2006 to 2008.


Selected Publications

Published Research Articles

Kang, Seong C. (2023). “Volunteers in Public Service Production: Modeling the Contributions of Volunteers to Organizational Performance”. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, doi.org/10.1093/jopart/muad016. (SSCI)

Kang, Seong C., Ahrum Chang, and Brian N. Williams. (2022). “Does Bureaucratic Representation Enhance Overall Organizational Accountability in Policing?” Public Administration, 100(4): 1145-1160. (SSCI)

Kang, Seong C., Rebecca Nesbit, & Jeffrey L. Brudney. (2022). “Local Government Volunteer Use: A Resource Dependence and Transaction Costs Explanation”. Public Administration Review, 82(5): 806-817. (SSCI)

Kang, Seong C. (2022). “The Politics of Regulatory Design: Evidence from State-Level Energy Regulations in the United States”. Policy Studies, 43(6): 1322-1339. (SSCI)

Gaynor, Tia S., Seong C. Kang, and Brian N. Williams. (2021). “The Legacy of Plessy vs. Ferguson: The Relationship Between State-Sanctioned Violence, Race and Place”. RSF: Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 7(1): 50-66. (SSCI)

Kang, Seong C. (2021). “Volunteer Use as a Service Delivery Alternative: The Case of Law Enforcement Agencies”. Administration & Society, 53(2): 248-272. (SSCI)

Kang, Seong C., Dhanakorn Mulaphong, Eunjin Hwang, and Chih-Kai Chang. (2019). “Public-Private Partnerships in Developing Countries: Factors for Successful Adoption and Implementation”. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 32(4): 334-351. (SCOPUS)

Kang, Seong C. (2019). “Volunteer Involvement and Organizational Performance: The Use of Volunteer Officers in Public Safety”. Public Performance & Management Review, 42(3): 554-579. (SSCI)

Williams, Brian N., Seong C. Kang, and Japera Johnson. (2016). “(Co)-Contamination as the Dark Side of Co-Production: Public Value Failures in Co-production Processes”. Public Management Review, 18(5): 692-717. (SSCI)

Williams, Brian N., Billy R. Close, and Seong C. Kang. (2016). “Out of the Recent Darkness and into the New Light: Managerial Implications Emerging from the Martin-Zimmerman Encounter”. Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, 23(1): 3-19.

Kang, Hwi Won, and Seong-Cheol Kang. (2010). “Change in Immigration Policy and Governance for Social Integration in Germany.” Korean Policy Sciences Review, 14(4): 291-316. (in Korean). (KCI)

Published Book Chapters and Book Reviews

Williams, Brian N., Seong C. Kang, and Katie Cox. (forthcoming). “Policing at the convergence of disasters, disease and disorder: Where does the profession go from here?” In Routledge Handbook of Policing Within a Crisis, p.00-00, Ed. by Gary Cordner and Martin Wright.

Kang, Seong. (2021). “Alternative Public Service Delivery Arrangements: Exploring Volunteerism”. In Contemporary Public Organizations, p. 387-421, Ed. By Park, Gwangook, Kyeongho Cho, and Jeongwook Lee. Parkyeong Publisher. (In Korean)

Dillon, Edward, Julian Brinkley, Dekita Moon, Juan E. Gilbert, Seong C. Kang, and Brian N. Williams. (2017). “Bridging the Safety Divide through Technology to Improve the Partnership between Students and Campus Law Enforcement: An ‘App’ Opportunity.” Edited by James D. Ward. In Police and Race in America: Economic, Political, and Social Dynamics. Lexington Books.

Kang, Seong C. (2016). “Race Relations in America: Complacency All Along?” Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, 23(1): 74-77.


Courses Taught

HNRS 2180G Citizen and State Great Political Issues

POLS 1120G American National Government

POLS 300 Political Research Methods

POLS 502 Research Methods in Government

POLS 544 Public Policy Analysis

POLS 547 Government Organizations


Contact Information

Email: sckang@nmsu.edu

Office Phone: 575-646-4325