MPA Program Admission

MPA Program Admissions

All prospective students, whether domestic or international, are required to complete and submit an Application for Admission to the MPA Program, copy of form enclosed. This application should be submitted directly to the Department of Government. Follow all directions carefully. Students may submit the application form electronically by visiting the Department’s website at

Be sure to submit the writing samples requested and arrange to have letters of reference and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (if applicable) submitted directly to the Department of Government. Letter of reference forms are enclosed or writers can prepare a letter on official letterhead. 

The Application for Admission to the MPA Program is considered after the Graduate School has completed processing the Graduate School Application and forwards it to the Department of Government for review, or after International Programs has processed its forms. Once the Department of Government receives the application from the Graduate School, or International Programs, a candidate has three months to submit a compete packet of application materials to the MPA Program. An attempt will be made to remind applicants of the materials that have not been submitted.

A complete application consists of:

1. An Application for Admission to the MPA Program;
2. Three (3) Letters of Reference;
3. A Personal Statement;
4. A Second Writing Sample; and
5. A Current Resume Listing Work Experience.

The GRE is required if an applicant’s bachelor’s degree is less than five years old AND if an applicant’s GPA is less than 3.0. An Applicant whose GPA falls below a 3.0 and has graduated college more than five years ago may apply to the MPA Program and take up the three MPA courses as an “undeclared major”. The three MPA courses must equal nine credits (no skills workshops, individualized course, etc). Approximately half way through the semester, the student’s progress will be assessed by the MPA faculty. If the student has a B- or above in all classes, he or she will be accepted into the MPA Program. Up to three courses may be transferred into the student’s Program of Study this way.

For more information on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), please visit their website at

Additional materials that are required of international students include an International Programs Referral and TOEFL Score.

Students interested in one of the joint degree programs must apply separately to the appropriate participating departments and need to indicate this on all application materials. The personal statement should address this interest as well. Acceptance by one program is not a guarantee of acceptance by the other program; in which case a student cannot pursue the joint degree, but could continue in the accepting program.