Pi Sigma Alpha

Pi Sigma Alpha (ΠΣΑ)

Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Honor Society, is here to serve interested students across the NMSU campus. Any student with an active curiosity to explore current events, national
elections, international relations, and political philosophy will find a home in Pi Sigma Alpha.

Previous Agenda Topics up for Discussion have Included:
• Russia’s Intervention in Syria
• ISIS: What is to be Done?
• Is Law School Worth Attending?
• The Refugee Crisis
• Debating the 2016 Presidential Candidates

Why Join Pi Sigma Alpha?
Pi Sigma Alpha allows for students to meet outside the classroom and have meaningful discussions about politics, international relations, and a whole host of other issues. All too often political discussion becomes heated in the outside world. What use is an education in political science if the only place to talk about the subject is in the classroom? Pi Sigma Alpha encourages a search for truth; debate does occur and sides may form. Ultimately, Pi Sigma Alpha hopes to provide a forum for the students most engaged in the world of politics and current events to discuss these issues with like-minded students.

Joining Pi Sigma Alpha
Any student with a GPA above 3.0 is welcome to become a full member of the NMSU Pi Sigma Alpha branch. Students in any major may join Pi Sigma Alpha, but Government majors do compose the majority of members.

NMSU Pi Sigma Alpha Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Gregory Butler
National Pi Sigma Alpha Website: