Better Government Through Education

NMSU’s Cooperative Extension Service provides leadership training for public and non-profit agencies as part of the nationally accredited Certified Public Manager Program. The CPM program requires 56 three-hour classes plus various learning activities to comply with national standards.

The goal is to train public service managers in best practices and professional ethics, in order to produce responsive and professional organizations. As the CPM Consortium web site notes, “The quality and efficiency of management in government have a major impact on the lives of citizens and the orderly functioning of society. Systematic training programs are essential to maintain and improve the effectiveness and professionalism of government managers” (http://www.cpmconsortium.org/ ). There is a strong connection between professional and responsive public leadership, economic development, and democracy.

MPA faculty in the Department of Government have collaborated with the CPM program by teaching workshops offered around the state of New Mexico.  Faculty have also participated in the establishment of a core curriculum committee and have provide advice and guidance to the program as members of the CPM advisory council.

For more information, visit the NMSU CPM webpage (http://aces.nmsu.edu/nmedge/nm-cpm.html)

Contact information: Mary DeLorenzo, CPM Program Director at marydelo@nmsu.edu. Or visit http://edge.nmsu.edu/contact-us.html