Dr. Gregory Butler


Ph.D., Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (Political Philosophy)

M.A., Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (Political Philosophy)

B.A., Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina (Political Science)

Research Interests Dr. Butler’s research focuses upon the history of American political thought and culture.  Within this area his interests include the political theory of the American founding, thinkers and trends of the 19th century (especially religious movements and their impact on constitutional issues), and several varieties of contemporary traditionalist criticism of technological society.  Of late interest are the novelist Wendell Berry, the Southern Agrarianians, and the place of aesthetics and art criticism within the discipline of political theory.  One current project uncovers elements of continuity among the novelist Flannery O’Connor, the American film noir tradition, and the urban gothic music of Bruce Springsteen.  He also has an ongoing interest in all primary and secondary literature involving the 19th century American Catholic controversialist Orestes A. Brownson.

Select Publications

“Transcendentalism and Imperialism,” Anamnesis (accepted for publication, forthcoming)

Editor, Philosophy and Political Economy: Studies in Classic Literature (University Press of America, forthcoming).

“Hope in the Midst of Ruin: the Essential Modesty of Bruce Springsteen’s Urban Gothic,” in The Culture of Immodesty in American Life and Politics, ed. Michael P. Federici, et. al. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013): 149-168.

“Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward and the Ancient Wisdom Tradition,” in Rethinking the Teaching of American History, ed. Michael P. Federici (Louisville, KY: Butler Books, 2012): 223-49.

Editor, Orestes A. Brownson: Works in Political Philosophy, 5 vols. (ISI Books/St. Isidore Press, 2003-2018).

“Visions of a Nation Transformed: Modernity and Ideology in Wilson’s Political Thought,” Journal of Church and State (Winter 1997): 37-51.

In Search of the American Spirit: The Political Thought of Orestes Brownson (Southern Illinois University Press, 1992).

Other scholarly articles and book reviews have appeared in HumanitasCrisisHillsdale ReviewIntercollegiate ReviewModern Age, Review of Metaphysics, and The Weekly Standard.  Dr. Butler also has a number of entries in research encyclopedias in the field of political philosophy.

Web and Blog Contributions

“What You Need to Know About Niccolò Machiavelli,”Front Porch Republic: Place, Limits, Liberty (http://www.frontporchrepublic.com/2013/11/what-you-need-to-know-about-niccolo-machiavelli/), November 2013.

“Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising: Ten Years Down the Road,” Front Porch Republic: Place, Limits, Liberty(http://www.frontporchrepublic.com/2011/09/bruce-springsteens-the-rising-ten-years-down-the-road/), September 2011.

“Teaching Political Philosophy to the Millennial Generation: Is it Possible?”, ISI American Liberal Arts Faculty Blog (http://faculty.isi.org/blog/post/view/id/560), March 2011.

“Aristotle and the Art of Fly Fishing,” ISI American Liberal Arts Faculty Blog (http://faculty.isi.org/blog/post/view/id/247), October 2009.


Pi Sigma Alpha Eta Eta Chapter Government Professor of the Year – 2003, 2005, and 2007

Government Department Mariposa Award – 2009

College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Achievement Award – 2007

Henry D. Salvatori Fellowship – 1992-1994

Professional Memberships

Courses Taught

Introduction to Political Philosophy, American National Government, Introduction to Political Science, American Politics in a Changing World, The Citizen and the State: Great Political Issues, Classical Political Thought (Ancient and Medieval), American Political Thought, Political Economy, Modern Political Thought, Contemporary Political Thought, Religion and Politics, Ethics in Government, Graduate Survey of American Political Thought, Graduate Seminar: 20th Century American Political Thought; Graduate Survey of the Modern Age, Graduate Seminar: Great Thinkers of the Western Tradition, Graduate Seminar: Politics and Human Nature; American Political Parties and Interest Groups, Campaigns and Elections

Contact Information

Email: gbutler@nmsu.edu Phone: 575.646.4935 Office: 342 Breland Hall, Main Campus