Social Justice

Established by an alumnus of the Government Department, the Social Justice Award is intended to recognize and honor a member of the student body, staff or faculty at NMSU who has volunteered to help create a more just society.

Forms of social justice activism might include efforts to eliminate disparities in economic conditions, to facilitate political involvement, to work against inequality and prejudice, to promote peace and nonviolence, or in some other fashion strive to make the community a better place for all. Previous recipients have engaged in such activities as community organizing, the advancement of tolerance, and the protection of free speech. Regardless of the contribution made, it must reflect a commitment of time, passion, and energy beyond one’s employment or general activities as a student.

It is awarded each spring at the J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium on campus. The call for nominations and applications is made in January of each year. For more information, contact Pat Vargas at